Apprentice of the Year Nomination Form

Apprentice Nomination Form 2014

2003 Matthew Gibson Victoria, Australia
2004 Kane Fellows Queensland, Australia
2005 Luke Nissinen Victoria, Australia
2006 Christopher Wilkinson New Zealand
2007 Chris Norwood Victoria, Australia
2008 Grant Straiton New Zealand
2009 Jeremy Hancock New Zealand
2010 Lisa Blissenden Australia
2011 Thai Nguyen Australia
2012 Gareth New Zealand
2013 Michael Gadd Australia

The FPLMA “Apprentice of the Year” programme is one of the most exciting developments undertaken by the industry body. With various training methods currently running across Australia’s printing colleges, the shortage of qualified tradespeople needs to be addressed by everyone operating in the industry.

The basic criteria to apply for this award is that the recipient must work in the flexographic printing area. It’s specifically targeted at final year college apprentices nominated by their relevant training college.

Candidates have to demonstrate they are competent to the standard they have trained to, so the skill levels need to be high. “Additionally, candidate’s academic levels should be high with a keen interest in the flexographic printing process. They need to show that they are keen to progress within the trade. They willl show that they are interested in anilox rollers; interested in ink technology and that they are willing to push the envelope. The candidates from each state will face a panel of experts including a representative from the training institutions.

The programme has already had a very good response from the training colleges. The winner will receive a trip to the United States with all airfares and accommodation, plus the ultimate winner will attend the FFTA Forum and Print Awards on behalf of FPLMA while they are in the United States. In addition, the winner will visit a manufacturing site of the Platinum Sponsor of the Print Awards for that year.

Submissions for this year’s Apprentice Award close on Friday 1st August 2014. All submissions to be sent to FPLMA Secretariat.

Michael Gadd – 2013

Michael Gadd – 2013

Chris Norwood – 2007

Gareth Hilton – 2012

2009 – Jeremy Hancock

Luke Nisinen, Finewrap Australia – 2005

Thai Nguyen – 2011

2008 Winner Grant Straiton LabelMakers NZ

Kane Fellows – 2004